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Pat and Stuart, NSW

I wish to express how pleased I have been with Rebecca Baldwin helping me look after and train my Quaker Parrot. Her expertise, professionalism and friendliness has raised the experience of my new parrot to a new level.

I'm not a bird novice, having had a pair of cockatiels for 23 years, but the extra enjoyment I have gained with my Quaker makes me wish I had found this service when I got my cockatiels.

Rebecca has managed to convert my parrot to a pellet diet within a few minutes after I had been trying since I got him 4 months ago. Adding the assistance on how to train him, he has become a really valuable member of our family.

Thank you for your excellent service.

Michelle, WA

Rachel is AMAZING! She is helping my male Weiro with his feather plucking and doing an amazing job! She looks at the bird's entire living situation and personality as a whole and makes amazing suggestions based on every single thing. I have done so much research on keeping Cockatiels and I thought I knew most things, but it turns out there is so much that isn't on the internet and so much that is actually wrong. I payed the extra $30 for the training plan and am so glad I did - it's 11 pages long and so useful! I had forgotten half of the stuff we talked about so it's great to have it all written down. I would feel comfortable trying to do things on my own for a while with all the advice she has given me, but she is just so amazing that I've already booked in a follow up session. I was seriously wondering whether my boy would be happier in an aviary and trying to come to terms with that, but Rachel gives me hope that Smokey and I will be able to improve his life and wellbeing and our relationship to be a happy family again. Thanks so much    

Pictured: Smokey and Sunny using a Parrot LIfe® Foraging Tray
Michelle Kitchener Fraser - Cleo the Macaw, WA

"Thanks Georgia for our first session with Cleo this morning. Very positive and informative session, now to stay on the right track for the harness training 😉 Thanks again Michelle & Greg" (March 31st, 2017)

 "Hi guys very happy today I've been able to take Cleo out the back for her to enjoy the sunshine for the first time in her harness 😀👍 Thanks again will keep you updated" (April 5th, 2017)

(comments via our facebook page)

Pictured: Cleo after a few days after a harness training session with our consultant Georgia.
Emily Jones, WA

Rachel is always the first person I turn to to help when something arises behaviourally with my parrots and the support she provides is accurate and invaluable. 
My parrot is being harness trained as an adult to be an education animal however due to previous handling by people she is taking a while but with Rachel's patience and dedication to help us through the tough obstacles and explain everything concisely we will get there in Captain's own timing. If it wasn't for Rachel I would have given up long ago. She tailors how she works around every parrot to suit their needs and Captain instantly warmed up to her, enjoying spending time with her.

Thank you so much Rachel, we couldn't do it without you

Pictured: Captain the galah during her training sessions with us in April 2017.
Anne Lee -  Malaysia (Online Client)
Rachel had worked with me and my fids since my first bird, a budgie. She trained what every parrot and parront must learn, step up. I learnt so much in every training session, it really saves us lots of time and pains of correcting rookie mistakes that us, new parronts made. It wasn't only behavioural training, Rachel was generous to share her knowledge and experience in parrot diets and enrichments. At the end, I wasn't only sign up for training my parrots but it's in fact a wholesome package, the goal is to improve the quality of life in captivity of our parrots! I love her approach by actually teaching us "in action" (not giving instruction verbally and do your homework yourself) and demonstrating via video conference. Yes, all our sessions were online consultations!

Physical and space limitation did not stop us at all, we still achieved a lot, guess that's one of the beauty of modern technology. Recently I brought a Blue and Gold Macaw and a Galah. All I could say, it's an eyes opening experience! LOL. I have read a lot online and learnt from other parronts but it's very different to actually live with one. Rachel was a big help. She taught me making foraging toys, understood their behaviours and do some arrangement to occupy and stimulate that intelligent brain. I thought my macaw was being a pest while she was just playing with my hand. This piece of missing puzzle helps us to bond, and helps her to like me more because I am more relaxed and play with her now rather than correcting her. I am looking forward for our next session! I know Blue, my macaw does, her eyes sparked every time she sees the clicker. :-)

Thank you, Rachel! Anne and the clan. Xoxo
Tooki before her consultation - July 2015
Kath Kleinschafer - Tooki the Indian Ringneck, WA

(Email recieved in January 2016)

"Hi Rachel,
I'm wondering if you remember me? You were giving me some advice for my little Tooki girl (IRN) who was plucking her feathers.
well... I've got some great news...

We have been working very hard to get things organised.... including the purchase of a MASSIVE cage for her, new toys, clicker training, we ended up getting her the hormone implant... AND we got her some feathered friends (all of which have their own cages etc). She still hates Trav and co... BUT... she IS learning to share me with them (which is massive progress)...
Things have never looked better ... see... (picture attached), this was taken maybe last week.

Thanks for the help!
Tooki now - January 2016
Kris Mincherton - Jersey the Musk Lorikeet, WA

Success!! Since Rachel's visit Jersey has overcome her hand fear and is now stepping up and beginning to venture outside of her cage. We Could not be happier!

Pictured: Jersey after one consultation (previously was scared of hands)
Renae Brown - 2x Lorikeets, WA

First of all thank you so much for all your help! Here is some feedback for you: 
Biting hands:
This has dramatically reduced since you have been, with the treats they are not even paying attention to my hands but rather the syringe. Even when I am not using the treats they still are showing little interest in biting my hands!
As you suggested I have now put them into the aviary, they love it! The main reason why I didn’t put them into the aviary in the first place was because I was worried about getting them in and taking them out. I have brought a small budgie cage for this reason. When I first introduced them to it I put their favorite foods in it and left the door open. They now go in and out without any fear and have associated it with the reward of going in the aviary (this will be especially good when I need to take them to the vet again!). We still have lots of work to do with going in on command but they have made really good progress so far so I’m not too worried about this at this stage. When they come back inside from the aviary they really are such well-behaved and relaxed birds, which is awesome!!
Cage Command:
Getting them out of the cage on command was always easy! When you left they went in on command really well but it soon became really hard again and I basically had to quickly throw them in and shut the door. After reading the training plan that you sent me I will follow that again and work on it. I know they are capable of it so I will just need to keep the training up. 
The overall noise that they make throughout the day has dramatically reduced since you have been here. They now hardly go into the laundry, as they will quietly stay in their cage, YAY!!. They very quickly learned that if they want attention they need to be quiet or making acceptable noises.

Overall I have noticed a huge difference in their behavior so thank you so much for this!! Our trust between each other is definitely growing and we can now have fun, sometimes I will go into the aviary with them and we have a lot fun with no biting!! Their relationship with my other family members is also growing as I have taught them how to behave around the lories. I also had them out for the first time in a long time when we had a BBQ at my house, everyone loved interacting with them and they were really well behaved. Once again thank you so much and if I have any issues I will be booking another appointment with you. I have also recommended you to my other nursing friends who have naughty parrots and if I ever come across any clients who are having parrot issues I will also mention you.
Thank you so much again,
Renae, Basil and Louisianna
Linda Plumstead (Macaw Breeder), WA
Rachel first met my birds about 3 weeks ago (January 2014). Firstly I was very impressed with her manner and professionalism! After talking about some of my 'problem' birds…a Blue/Gold Macaw with fear and extreme anxiety (a rescue), a 3 yr old Greenwing macaw….recently arrived, but has biting and aggression traits and a 12 month old G/W who needs crate training. Of prime importance was to integrate these 3 girls into living together in harmony!!

Results after 3 weeks: Alfie (B/G rescue pictured) approaches Rachel and now others for treats…AMAZING!! Livvy..will now cross, touch and even step onto my hand with no biting and flies to land on my shoulder. Sidney will very soon be going into a crate with no trouble…but best of all - the three of them are now living in one aviary and all getting along very well!! A positive outcome at such an early stage…so much more than I could have dared ask for! I have a much better understanding of how well 'positive reinforcement' training enhances the human:bird relationship and their lives as I am guided through every part of the training!  Would absolute recommend Parrot Life Behaviour and Training…and especially Rachel!

April 2015: I have known Rachel for over 12 months now and have been absolutely amazed at the progress she has made in training Livvy (4 year old fear-aggressive Greenwing)..but most of all…Rachel has taught me the basics of training and behaviour. I have seen first hand how enriched and stimulated my birds have become! I have come to realise they need structure in their life to make for a stable, contented companion bird…and my whole ethos of raising Macaws for companion birds..has grown. I would like to thank Rachel ( Parrot Life Behaviour and Training) for opening up a whole new world…not only for me…but for my beloved birds…

Sincerely..Linda Plumstead.

To follow Linda's macaws head to www.facebook.com/MacawsAndMore
Sylvia Soltyk - Ekko the Eastern Rosella, WA
After one consultation with Parrot Life Behaviour and Training, my little Eastern Rosella, who's had a fear  of hands in the past, calmly tolerated scratches on his head!

Looking forward to our next session! The goal of Ekko wearing a harness seems possible now :) Thank you!!!
Sabrina Lagalla - Sam the Galah, WA

Sam enjoying a shower!
I have had Sam my Pink and Grey Galah for 13 years and we had a fantastic relationship where he would be out of his cage on a daily basis. However, with the introduction of my partner things changed quite dramatically and jealousy took hold in a big way. Not only did he begin chewing on my furniture but he became increasingly aggressive not just toward my partner but also toward me attacking me at every opportunity and being very serious about his intentions to the point where I could not let him out of his cage, even when I would walk past his cage he would charge me from within the cage. Not being able to let him out was not an option and would be no life for Sam, I loved him too much to leave things as they were and I felt this was a behavioural issue that needed to be dealt with properly, so I made the decision to seek help from Rachel.
When Rachel arrived we let Sam out immediately so she could she his behaviour and true to form he attacked her and continued to challenge her. What had impressed me was that Rachel was calm throughout the process and very patient with him and over the following sessions introducing new techniques dealing with each issue as they arose and also introducing new enrichment ideas (which worked a treat). In time Sam calmed down and was quite responsive with her, which to me was amazing….
I was given work to do with Sam after each session, which was a very important factor, and as it was just Sam and I, I learned to put into action all that Rachel had explained that day. Rachel’s knowledge of parrot behaviour was very clear to me from the moment she started working with Sam and through the discussions we would have.  I loved that she was equally invested in Sam as I was, wanting the best results for both Sam and I, and being available anytime by phone if I needed any advice.

OUTCOME  :   After 3 sessions, Sam and I are back on track and he is such a happy chappy, we are back to having daily cuddles and lot’s of interaction which I could not be happier.

If you have a problem with your parrot or want to learn how to train your parrot, I would have absolutely no reservations in recommending Rachel and would highly recommend that you contact her as her advanced knowledge and experience in Parrot Behaviour and Training is outstanding.
Sharon and Tim - Coco and Leo (Eclectus), WA
Leo... a very hormonal eclectus
"We are very new to parrot keeping, having purchased a young female Eclectus and then a 9 year old male.  Both birds are unique with very different personalities and while both have a “fun” side, they also have significant behavioural problems.  The female was moody and a biter, the male was incredibly demanding, thought he was human, highly sexually active and (according to his previous owner) did not talk. As a result both birds were very frustrating, and we were questioning whether we had made a mistake bringing them into our family. We turned to Rachel for help.  Her direction and advice turned these problems around, with the birds eager to respond to their training sessions.  We have learnt that nearly  all of their bad attributes were the result of a lack of training, or our lack of knowledge. Both birds have taken noticeable steps forward, perhaps the most pleasing thing being that the male is now talking and acting like a parrot and the female’s bite response is markedly reduced. All this in just 4 months! Most importantly, the training sessions have become fun for all of us (both winged, non-winged and four pawed members of the family) and have allowed us to enjoy interacting with them.
We are astounded at the progress both birds have made, although we know we all still have a long way to go and a lot to learn.  However we’re confident we’re on the right track and we plan to continue with Rachel’s help and guidance to get us there."
Wear Family - Pip (Lovebird), Perth
Last week (July 2014) our fantastic vets told me that we needed to prepare ourselves for making an awful decision. Our precious lovebird Pips' self mutilation (of  approx 10 months+) had gotten to the point of tearing through a muscle in his leg and they had to put a collar on him (which caused the mutilation initially). By Thursday night, Pip couldn't even stand up, so I took the collar off and really thought he wasn't going to make the night.

Rachel came to see us on the Friday and I was amazed at her professionalism, knowledge and the confidence she instilled in me. We followed all the steps over the weekend and by Tuesday this week, took Pip back to the vet and they were amazed at how well he was doing. Today we have hardly been home all day, there is no evidence of Pip mutiliating even a bit, and tonight we have not seen him pick at himself at all, which he was previously doing every couple of minutes. We are seeing Rachel again tomorrow, and cannot wait for her to see Pip and learn more.

Thank you for the lifeline we really didn't think possible. We would recommend Parrot Life to anybody. Don't wait for a problem to call, learn how to prevent them.

Regards, Karen Wear
Pip (plucked on back)
Lauren Balcomb - Keith the Galah, WA

Rachel helped with our mutilating galah - booking a consult with her was the best thing we did :).

(Keith is pictured in his foraging tray)
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