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Parrot Life® Behaviour and Training can offer you a range of different training services to suit your bird's needs, whether you have one parrot or a whole flock! Choose from the services listed below, or if you are not sure, contact us and we will help you figure out the type of training you may need. For all consultation types and prices, see the Consultations page.
 Fixing Problem Behaviours
Parrots in a captive environment can very easily develop problem behaviours such as biting, screaming, feather plucking, extreme anxiety, destroying furniture, you name it. Not only can these behaviours be stressful for the bird but it can be very upsetting and painful for you and your family. Many people struggle once their bird has developed a problem behaviour, as these can be very difficult for most people to fix and can quickly escalate out of control. We can assess your problem using a 'big picture approach' - looking at all aspects of your birds behaviour, diet, enrichment, environment and interactions - and tailor a plan to help improve and overcome these behaviours. Please keep in mind that most problem behaviours are caused through a lack of understanding and communication between bird and owner(s) through no fault of either party, however this means that corrective training will involve changing the behaviour of the bird AND the owner(s) behaviour around the bird. This process will involve an initial behaviour analysis and plan formation for you and your bird in your home, with follow up sessions advised where necessary. If required, a personalised, step-by-step written report and training plan can be provided for you after the initial consultation to aid you in managing the problem behaviour. Contact us to book your consultation today.
Aggressive behaviour in an African Grey.
Photo by Carol Caruso
Harness training with a client
Foundation Behaviour Training
This is a must for all new parrot owners and those with young birds, or anyone who would just like their bird to learn some manners! In a captive environment it is very important to teach your bird how to fit into your family or 'flock', as they think of it. This is important for both the happiness of the bird and the happiness of the owner, as a poorly socialised bird in a home or aviary situation will create problem behaviours that can escalate very quickly. Rather than fixing problem behaviours later down the track it is much better for all involved to set-up some basic foundation training which will assist you to in creating a strong bond with your bird, give you a training 'tool-kit' to use if they develop problem behaviours as they mature, socialise with different people or animals, effectively monitor their health, and make vet visits stress-free. Depending on what you would like to achieve with your parrot, behaviours will be suggested and taught in a way that you can maintain once you have a basic understanding. Foundation behaviours will be tailored to your situation and may include fear removal, touch acceptance, step-up, recall (flying to hand), weighing, basic cues, crating, harness training, fly-off retrieval training (if your bird gets loose), stationing and handling for medical situations. Once foundation behaviours are in place, you and your bird can advance onto more complex behaviours, and your bond with your bird will be strong! Contact us to book your consultation today.
Novel (Trick) Behaviour Training
Have you always wanted to teach your bird tricks and don't know where to begin? Parrot Life® can assist you with a training plan for all sorts of behaviours that are fun for both you and your parrot! Novel ("new") behaviours are behaviours that a bird may not do naturally in the wild, such as a waving, rolling over, fetching, putting a ball through a hoop or even talking (if your bird is capable of this), and are typically taught once you have a strong bond with your bird, and foundation behaviours are in place. In a captive environment novel behaviours are a very useful tool for the mental and physical health of your bird. They stimulate and enrich their minds through problem solving, provide 'focused time' with their owner in training sessions and serve as a form of exercise, all things that are extremely important to your bird in a captive environment. In zoos and wildife parks novel behaviour training is often used as a form of enrichment, and is fun for all involved - if trained using positive reinforcement techniques. Contact us to get started today!
Demonstration of basic turn-around behaviour to cue with a green-wing macaw
Major Mitchell's cockatoo in a training
Training for Interactive Experiences
Education is one of the most important conservation tools for zoos, wildlife parks and other animal displays. Interactive shows and presentations are one of the most effective and engaging ways to teach people about animals, as well as drawing many people into your business. I have a background in designing and creating wildlife presentations and can guide you through this process. This service will include initial consultations and subsequent design of shows or presentations using your own birds and animals. Depending on the client and their goals, this can include selection of animals that exhibit the correct temperament for shows, training plans, design of show script, design of behaviours (depending on the animals), staff training plans and animal training plans. Direct training is available in some circumstances; however this is primarily a consultation service. All relevant permitting is the responsibility of the client. Initial consultations are free of charge, pricing package based on quote provided. Contact Parrot Life® for more details.
Conservation, Research and Large Scale Avian Management

If you or your organisation needs avian management advice or is running a study, project or field work that would benefit from training or behaviour advice with parrots (captive or wild), please contact us with further information to see if we can help. We also offer services on a consultancy basis for conservation projects and large scale captive management. We currently hold the Avian Management contract for Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre in the Perth Hills. 
Media, Talks and Seminars
Our consultants are available for comment on parrot training, parrot behaviour (wild and captive), parrot conservation and captive management and many more topics.

If your organisation would like to organise a talk or seminar on these topics, including training demonstrations, please contact us for further information and pricing.

We are also available for media comment on related topics.

(Rachel pictured at the Parrot Parenting Sessions in 2015 with Dr. Ingrid Danylyk)
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