Rachel Riley
Owner/Operator, Avian Behaviour and Training Consultant

Parrot Life® is owned and operated by Rachel Riley, who has an extensive background working with parrots of all shapes and sizes and in many different environments, including her native New Zealand. She has always had a love for parrots since a young age, and has dedicated her life to learning about, working with and conserving these magnificent animals. Her under-graduate degree (details below) and then post-graduate thesis research into parrot behaviour and cognition has given her an excellent background into animal behaviour and parrot behaviour in particular, which she has built on in the workforce. Her skills were devloped from working at one of New Zealand’s leading wildlife parks, as part of a development team to create a free-flight bird show and animal encounters using parrot species from around the world. This has led to a wide range of parrot training skills (behaviour identification, corrective behaviour training, novel behaviour training, free-flight training) all based on Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) methodology and all using positive reinforcement based non-coercive techniques. Years working with and keeping parrots also means a strong background in husbandry, nutrition, health, enrichment and all things parrot related. Specific experience includes:
• PGDipSc Zoology (with Distinction) awarded by Massey University
• BSc Zoology/Ecology awarded by Massey University
• 9+ years working with over 40 species of parrots in a behavioural capacity,
including both wild and captive birds and endangered New Zealand and Australian native species.
• Assistant Animal Trainer at Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park, New Zealand 
3+ years experience in captive management, husbandry, training, nutrition  and enrichment of a variety of animal species including birds, mammals, reptiles and aquatic species. Most of this time was spent directly caring for a team of education parrots in an artificial environment, assisting in training these parrots for interactions and performance, including training and presentation for free-flight bird shows.

Avian Management Officer at Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre
Since 2014. Works intensively on onsite husbandry, diet, volunteer training, cockatoo rehabilitation and movements, release assessments and training of non-release birds for display and education.

Avian Behaviour and Training Consultant, Owner/Operator of Parrot Life® Behaviour and Training. Since 2013. 
• Professional Member of I.A.A.T.E (International Association of Avian Trainers  and Educators) since 2013.

• Professional Member of A.B.M.A (Animal Behaviour Management Alliance)       since 2014.

Georgia Kerr
Avian Behaviour and Training Consultant

Georgia started with Parrot Life® as our 2016 Intern, and quickly demonstrated her affinity for parrot training and behaviour identification. She has come onboard in 2017 as staff, and is getting amazing results from her consultations. Georgia has completed a BSc Conservation and Wildlife Biology at Murdoch University, and is expanding into an honours programme part-time. She has found her passion in animal training, and has set up her own behaviour consultancy working with dogs and small animals through These Wild Things Animal Services, with her largest contract being Parrot Life®She is obsessed with cockatiels, and has her own trained flock of cockatiels at home. Georgia still volunteers much of her time to help out with the black cockatoos at Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre as a senior clinic volunteer. 
• BSc Conservation and Wildlife Biology awarded by Murdoch University.
• 3+ years working with parrots in a behavioural and clinical capacity
including both wild and captive birds and endangered New Zealand and Australian native species.
• Avian Behaviour and Training Consultant - Parrot Life Behaviour and Training 
Completed 1 year Internship in 2016, and has been running her own consultations as staff since 2017.

Acting Avian Management Officer at Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre
Since 2017 - carries out contract work in conjunction with Rachel Riley.

• Active Member of I.A.A.T.E (International Association of Avian Trainers  and Educators) since 2016.

2017 Intern
Cassandra Pitcher

Cassie is our 2017 Parrot Life® Intern in Perth, so you may see her at in-home consultations, notepad in hand! Cassie is a qualified vet nurse, and has been working for the past three years at Vet24 in Balcatta. While day-to-day she focuses on small animal veterinary practice, she is obsessed with parrots and wants to learn everything she can about parrot behaviour and critical care. She has a menagerie of her own parrots, and we first met her as a client for a self-mutilating galah she had taken in as a rescue, which she has done amazing work with. We have nicknamed her 'the information sponge' already due to the speed she is learning!

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