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What is it like to do an internship with Parrot Life®?

I acquired my first bird in 2009 as a young and naïve 13 year old, at the time I bought my hand raised cockatiel for $20 from a neighbourhood friend. I believed I had researched a substantial amount and knew the correct care that he needed. I learnt what I knew from browsing multiple websites, and listening to what pet shop assistants had to offer. In the last two years since meeting Rachel and beginning my Parrot Life journey, my bird’s lives have been completely changed for the better, from learning how very wrong much of the advice often was.

Over the years my collection of birds slowly grew, and I now own 9 beautiful cockatiels, discovering along the way my passion for improving the lives of birds, who were less fortunate than mine. Over the many years since acquiring my first feathered friend I have learnt more in the past two years than I could ever learn from the many webpages readily available on the internet.

From my internship with Parrot Life I have travelled to many new places and learnt so many new things. I have travelled to Queensland to take part in the Parrots Australia conference, and have been even further across the world, completing a solo trip to New Zealand where I was able to take part in an amazing free flight show, and wildlife team at Rainbow Springs, Rotorua. I have been able to meet a squadron of amazing new contacts, from Hillary Hankey to the amazing teams at a variety of avian vet clinics around Perth, not to mention my amazing new ‘New’ Zealand mates. 

I have also meet some amazing avian breeders, such as Linda Plumstead (she has some amazing macaws!) and not to mention the long list of awesome clients that keep Parrot Life so busy.

This internship has allowed me to experience and train a variety of different parrot species that I could have only dreamed to work with as a child. I have been involved with parrots as small as the humble budgie, to the amazingly beautiful blue and gold macaw. Just last month I was able to shadow a consult for two gorgeously sweet caiques, as well as having conversations with a Congo African grey named Mandela, in my time in New Zealand.

Through this internship I have multiplied my animal industry contacts tenfold and have made some amazing and lifelong friendships, as well as some fantastic working relationships along the way. I cannot stress enough the impact that Parrot Life, and of course Rachel have had on my life, and I can’t wait for the many future adventures and challenges that await me this year!
-Georgia Kerr
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